The King's Moodboard

In ancient times a great number of brave and valorous knights set out from the castle in search of the king’s moodboard. For the wizard Arteblast had foretold a great tapestry of colors and sounds that henceforth would correspond as such with the whims and manners of the ruler. Upon taking possession of the king’s moodboard the knights were commanded to hang the high corners from the castle walls so every gentle person of the land could know the king’s disposition.

Yet the wizard Arteblast had gathered a vision of faults and untruths and so claimed the moodboard hid beneath the scales of the dragon Fench. When the knights found Fench in his lair and ran through the great monster, suffering great attrition of life in their own ranks, the dragon did cry, By the star of the north, I key upon thine word. I have no Accountability. No Trustworthiness. No Experience. But I tell you, the king’s moodboard has been taken to the bottom of the sea.

Such a claim brought lamentations among the knights insofar as they imagined tortured ends at the hands of an upset regent. And so they galloped doubletime to the shore and one by one dove headlong into Her black depths searching the rocks and corals for their bounty and as such losing their life one by one to the churn and sharks. The reef god Thallas grew exhausted with the quietus and bade the knights stop their leaping and added, There is no typography of thine soul, no architecture of thine information, no maps of sites or images of the hero, and as such no moodboard within my realm; for the fisherman Roon has a fortnight ago snagged thine quarry in his nets.

The remaining knights knew Roon to be a peaceful and reasonable man, and a responsible subject of the king, and so went calmly to his door with their company. And yet Roon pleaded ignorance to their query, and soon exasperation, and so the men pushed into Roon’s cabin for a search. Here to their dismay they found the remains of the moodboard boiled along the rim of Roon’s soup pot and a dirty spoon in the wash basin. I took it for another gift of the tides, Roon cried.

At this development all but one of the knights went outside and fell on his sword. The remaining man named Polnty led his horse back through the woods to the castle where he found the walls covered in brilliant paints as one acquires in far off lands. The turrets were adorned in new silk banners and the drawbridge emblazoned with the wings of a dove. Polnty began to reveal his cohort’s fates to Arteblast, in preparation for an audience with the king, but the wizard bade him hush and pointed to the fireworks streaming from the archer stands, and said, The mind of the king hath change. Thank thee for thine services.