Yetis Grow Big Beards

Yetis grow big beards. It is important to picture them there against the severe mountains with a big beard. It is important to wonder why a yeti grows a big beard. A beard does little for a yeti other than blow in the very cold wind.

Yetis are not bigfoots. Perhaps in the northern wood of America a bigfoot has a real reason to grow a beard. A generous purpose. Something involving propeller planes and strangers. 

Yetis do not grow small beards. A yeti’s beard is big when it starts.

Yetis do not grow colored beards. There are no red- or green-bearded yetis. I was told of a black-bearded yeti. Only told. Yetis grow white beards. Big white beards.

I was also told yetis grow big beards to ward off tigers. A tiger is the only animal that can hunt a yeti. That can find a yeti. Silent enough. Powerful enough. With the forethought. 

But yetis don’t live among tigers anymore.

Yetis live among snow leopards. And a snow leopard is too secretive to hunt a yeti.

The biggest clue I hear why yetis grow big beards is how a yeti cares for their beard. Before sleep a yeti will sometimes wind their beard onto a stick. Yetis toss while they sleep and the ground yanks at their beards. And wakes them. This would stop that. 

When a yeti doesn’t wind their beard onto a stick, the theory goes, the yeti is on the run. Doesn’t want sound sleep.

But I have traveled with yetis. Both on the run, and not. Yetis don’t have tricks. A yeti mostly ignores their beard. Even when the cold wind blows it into their face. Until the yeti takes an interest in one hair. And wraps the hair around their finger. And pulls it out. Always at the root. The hair never breaks.